Advertising Photographers

An advertising photographer can make or break your product or service. Using great photography can help build your brand and ultimately lead to a much larger volume of sales.

Selling products and services is not easy. Producing advertising photographs that sell is a specialist skill. The best advertising photographers have developed their skills over a period of time. As well as the creative side of the shoot they have to be supremely competent technically. They also need to know their equipment inside out. For studio based advertising photography this includes lighting. Lighting is such a key component in creating exciting photographs.

As with any type of photography it is important that a clear brief is given to the photographer. Budgets should also be agreed beforehand. If the initial brief was inaccurate and more work is required than be prepared to pay for any extra work or rework. Both the brief and the budget should all be agreed and put in writing before work commences.

There are many different types of media where your advertisements may appear such as magazines, brochures or on the Internet. Your photographer should be made aware of the media you plan to use as it can impact the equipment they will need for the shoot.

Before you agree to any work going ahead make sure you have a good idea of how the photographs will look. Good advertising photographs sell the product or service. Obviously the photography needs to contain sufficient creativity to stand out and get noticed, but make sure you are satisfied the emphasis is being place on the product rather than on the art itself.

When planning a location based shoot you will need to consider any contingency for inclement weather. On top of this travel arrangements and any specific equipment to cope with the conditions likely to be encountered need to be taken into account.

Many companies have found it pays to be with the photographer during the shoot. Questions may arise and by being on hand you can answer them quickly and keep the shoot on track. This also gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns as the shoot unfolds. It is far better for everyone to iron out any problems at this stage than to identify them later on and need to reshoot from scratch.

If you can see the photography being used in an ongoing advertising campaign that may run for a number of years then ensure any items that appear in the shoot such as clothing or furniture is not a hot fashion item. If they are you may find you need to carry out another shoot the following year.

If your company has an in house photography team it is worth considering bringing in an outside photographer from time to time. This can help to inject fresh ideas into your campaigns. This can help to sharpen your competitive edge.

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Advertising Photographers