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Would you like a career as a professional photographer?
It is not easy to get started in professional photography. Anyone who tells you otherwise just isn't telling the truth. Read this page if you are looking for some sound advice that not only tells you what you need to do, but also warns you of areas to avoid as well.

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10 Tips for Turning Pro
Many photographers dream of going pro, but just because it's something you enjoy as a hobby doesn't mean you have what it takes to make it full-time. Here, professional travel writer and photographer Oliver Berry offers ten tips that every amateur needs to think about before taking the plunge.

Still Life Photography Using Glass
If you are stuck for some new ideas for still life photography then try using glass. Everyone has easy access to bottles, glasses and other everyday objects made of glass. This article gives you a couple of useful ideas to get started with.

Travel Photography
If you are thinking of heading off on your travels with a camera then check out this article. It gives you tips on the equipment you need to take with you and gives plenty of hints on how to capture the photographs of your dreams.

Colours and Absracts
If you think your photographs could use a splash of colour then try this article. It uses typical everyday objects to produce a series of bright and colourful photos.

Framing a Photograph
If there is one thing that can make a big difference to the way a photograph looks it is how it is framed. Even photos that are exhibited online can be framed. This article gives some quick and easy tips on how to frame your shots.

Still Life Photography In the Kitchen 2
If you are looking for a few ideas to try out for your still life photography then take a look at this article. It discusses how you can create some interesting photographs through the use of everyday objects you can find in your kitchen.

Flash Photography
If you are struggling with flash photography then this article runs through the basics of the subject. Suggestions include how to avoid red eye and how to avoid unflattering shadows from ruining your photos.

Still Life Photography in the Kitchen
If you are looking for a few simple ideas for still life photography then take a look at this article. It runs through how you can put to good use some everyday objects you can find in your kitchen.

Freelance Photography
Thinking of a career in photography? This article gives you some tips on how to thinks so that your new business thrives and grows.

Ethical Photojournalism
How far would you go to create a photograph to grab someone's attention? When it comes to image manipulation the boundaries between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable are blurred. At what point has the line been crossed?

Nature Photography - Irises
If you are interested in nature photography this article should appeal to you. It contains ideas and tips for taking photographs of flowers, in particular irises.

Sports Photography Equipment
In this article we take a look at the equipment you need to build up if you are serious about being a sports photographer.

Sports Photography
Looking to improve or get started in sports photography? Here are some useful ideas to help you along the way. It suggests the signs to look out for and when the ultimate photo opportunities may occur.

Photography - Using Soft Furnishings
If the weather is bad and you are stuck for ideas of photographs you can take, then take a good look around your house. One area that may provide you with some extra inspiration is soft furnishings. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Candle Photography
Using candles to light a photograph gives a different type of lighting to other harsher light sources. It is also a cheap type of lighting available to all photographers. Take a look at this article for a few ideas.

Christmas Photography
Looking for some ideas for Christmas related photography? Take a look at this article running through a few handy suggestions. It also includes details of camera settings to try and where flash is required. Services Review
If you are looking at ways to increase your sales then PhotoStockPlus may be able to help. They offer services for event photographers, wedding photographers and also stock photographers. This article provides you with an overview of their services.

Light Tent or Controlled Lighting?
Light tents are relatively cheap and can take up little space. The question is how effective are they? This article discusses whether or not a light tent will work for you or whether you need the full control that normal studio lighting will give you.

Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers
Wedding photographer is a very competitive business. If you would like to find ways of gaining that critical competitive edge then check out this article.

Fashion Photography
Bruce Smith gives some useful tips on how to freshen up your fashion photography.

Studio Lighting Equipment
Get to know what you need to get started and put lighting together for a photographic studio. Written by Garry Edwards

How to Avoid Email Scams
Email scams are becoming more common and more sophisticated. Here are some tips for spotting them and making sure you do not fall prey to the scammers. Written by Garry Edwards

Digital Camera or Film Camera
As the world goes digital Garry Edwards advises you to think twice before you jump the fence and join the masses in the world of digital cameras.

So you want to be a Photographic Model
Guidance, tips and probably more importantly the pitfalls for anyone who would like to be a photographic model. Written by Garry Edwards

Landscape Photography Skies
A common problem when taking landscape photographs is under or over exposure of the sky. This is especially true when you shoot with a digital camera. Help is on hand to restore the sky and improve your photographs.

Testing Your Lenses the Easy Way
Test out your lenses the easy way. All you need is a newspaper, a tripod, a camera, some sticky notes, oh and a lens!

Producing a Photography Website That Works
This article is about how to produce websites that work for photographers. It covers selling goods and services from your website, plus promoting the site and driving more visitors to it.

Firing your studio flash without frying your camera
Don't want to see your camera go up in smoke? This article helps you to steer clear of problems in the studio.

Photographic Holidays
Ever wondered about going on a Photographic Holiday? Will it help you to improve your photography? Will you enjoy it? And how much is it likely to cost? Read on and find out....

Travel Photography
Thinking of becoming a travel photographer? Read Mark Ossendryver's article for some tips on how to get started.

Buying a Camera Lens
If you are not sure what camera lens to buy when you are buying a SLR or if your not sure what proportion of your budget should be spent of one then read our guide.

Medium Format Cameras
If you are considering moving up to medium format cameras then take a look at this guide. It takes you through the main formats and suggests a few models that you wish to consider.

Buying and Using Film Scanners
With the rush to go digital what do you do with all those negatives and prints? Here we take a look buying and using film scanners.

Photographic Studio Lighting
If you are thinking of putting a studio together or would simply like to learn more about how to make the most of studio lighting then this article by Garry Edwards will help you to see the light!

Top Tips for Better Portrait Photography
Whether you are a professional photographer or just starting out you want to send the punters away happy. This quick guide to portrait photography from Garry Edwards tells you how to flatter your subject.

Travel Photogarphy - Camera Gear
So what equipment will you need if you are thinking of becoming a travel photographer? Mark Ossendryver gives you a run down on all the equipment that might come in handy.

Getting Started in Professional Photography
Getting started in professional photography certainly isn't easy. We have put together some key advice on how to get yourself started.

Studio Lighting on a Budget.
Looking to set up a studio and not quite sure what to pay for the lighting. Read this article about which lighting kits will get you started and how much it will cost you.

A Day in a Photographic Studio
If you have never spent a day in a photographic studio then perhaps its time that you tried one out. They might be cheaper than what you think and if you select the right studio then help you beginners is often at hand.

Improve Your Photography with a Tripod
Garry Edwards explains the benefits of using a tripod and gives you advice on which type to buy. If you don't own a tripod yet, read this article and find out what you are missing.

So You Want to be a Photographic Model?
If you are looking to become a model then you MUST read this. It tells you exactly what's what and who to trust and who to avoid.

Getting Started in Underwater Photography
For those of you who would like to learn about underwater photography, then this is for you. Len Deeley, a photographer with over 20 years underwater experience explains the type of equipment that you need before starting out.

All About Filters
Can using a filter help your photography? Find out all about them in the latest article from garry Edwards.

Digital Watermarking
Worried about having the pictures on your website used elsewhere without your consent? Take a look at how digital watermarking can protect your copyright.

Sample Model Release Form
Wondering what you need to include in a model release form? Take a look at our example.

How Much To Pay For A Portrait Photographer.
If you are either a potential customer looking to see how much you should pay for a set of portrait photographs or a portrait photographer wondering if your pricing is right then this article will be of interest to you.

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