Food Photographers

The job of a food photographer is to create a series of mouth watering photographers that really get the tummy rumbling and fire up the taste buds. Great looking photographs of sumptuous, succulent food will get the phone ringing with bookings and orders. If you run a restaurant or sell food products then the photography you use is critical to your success. The right photographer will produce stunning shots that will make simply customers want to eat your food.

Food photography requires specialist skills. The basics may be simple, but mastering food photography requires hard work and great imagination. It is also a pressurised job. Shot set up and capture often has to be done at a fast pace to ensure food looks as fresh as it can possible be. This is where and skilled and experienced food photographer is worth their weight in gold.

The location where the photography will take place is important. For cold foods and drinks it may be best to use the photographer's studio. Great care needs to be taken when the food is being transported to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. If the food needs to be prepared or cooked it is likely the photography will take place at your premises. If this is the case a professional food photographer will visit the premises before the shoot to make sure there is sufficient room and to start planning the shoot.

To get the best results be prepared to work with your food photographer. If the photography is at your promises make sure everything that will be in shot is spotlessly clean beforehand. Create a plan with your photographer so that you know what is required of you. For example you may need to prepare a steady supply of dishes to fit in with the shooting plan. You will both need to input into the timeline. If the photographer is waiting around for food to be ready, not only will this cost money, but it will break the flow of the session.

A lot of food photography takes place at close quarters. This means that any imperfections in the food are instantly noticeable. Be aware that the heat given off by the lighting can cause food to wilt quicker than you think. A good photographer should be able to help and advise on this if you run through the key ingredients with him.

Other factors to take into account are props and backgrounds. These are vital as they play a key support role, complimenting the food. It is just as important that the props and backgrounds do not dominate the shot and the food is the star of the show. Again you should be able to get plenty of input from your photographer.

If you have the best restaurant in town or sell a great food product make the most of it with the help of a great food photographer.

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Food Photographers