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The world of portrait photographers and portrait photography has changed dramatically over the past few years. Not so long ago it was a case of going along to a studio, sitting on a seat and having your picture taken. A while later you would receive a print through the post.

The modern portrait photographer offers a completely different service. For a start most portrait photographers are able to offer studio photography or photography on location. On location could mean at your home or one of your favourite outdoor locations. This is a real leap forward, especially when it comes to photographing children and families. Gone are the days of everyone trying as hard as they can to get the job done before patience was exhausted. Now children can be photographed at play, where they feel relaxed and comfortable. This could be at the playground, in the woods or even in your back garden. A happy, contented child means fantastic, fun filled photographs.

To make the most of these changes portrait photographers have learnt new skills. In order to master the latest techniques and opportunities many have undertaken training programs to bring existing skills up to date. This has added a much greater degree of flair and imagination to the modern portrait photograph.

The set up in a studio has changed too. The modern studio tends to be larger giving everyone the chance to be more expressive. This allows the photographer to be much more creative.

A trip to today's photography studio tends to be more of an event. A lot of effort is put in to ensuring everyone is relaxed and happy. Extras such as coffee and the occasional glass of wine help even the most camera shy to loosen up a little. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable and pays dividends when the photographs are taken.

With the advent of digital photography the portrait photographer is likely to take a much larger number of photographs. This gives you much greater choice as to the photographs you select. Other advances in technology mean that the photographs can be quickly transmitted to a computer. The computer can then be linked to a large television screen. You then sit back in a comfy chair or sofa while viewing the photographs and making your selections.

An increasing number of photographers offer the chance to view photographs and make selections from their website. You can therefore view the photos in your own time in your own time. This also gives relatives and family friends the chance to see the photographs and perhaps buy their own copies.

The options for how your photographs are presented have also had a number of exciting developments. More traditional prints are still available, but there are a host of other ways of displaying your photos. These range from digital photo frames that show slideshows of your photos to photos on canvas blocks. You can also choose to have your photos placed on Perspex. Together with modern frame options there is now far more choice available.

Portrait photography has changed! Find the right portrait photographer and you will end up with spectacular photographs that you can be truly proud of.

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Portrait Photographers