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A great property photographer could be the key to you selling your home or selling extra properties for your business. Everyone has looked in an estate agent's window. It is always the photographs that catch the eye. Now that many people initiate their search for a new home on the Internet the quality of the property photography you use has become even more important. Websites now offer five or six property photographs even for smaller homes. The introduction of glossy property magazines for more expensive homes means that only the best photography will do. So the quality of the photographs used is all important in hooking potential buyers in the first place. A few seconds looking at the photographs can make or break a sale.

Stunning property photographs help to create that all important first impression. When prospective buyers arrange to view the property they will also arrive in a positive frame of mind. This can significantly increase the chance of making a sale further down the line.

If the photograph is right it has the power to make people want to buy and live in the property. The role of the property photographer is to create that Wow! factor. In order to achieve this, the photographer ideally needs an experienced eye, an imaginative approach and the right equipment. A good photographer should be able to look at a room and quickly work out its strongest selling point, the best angle to highlight the feature and how to make the most of where any natural light may fall. If natural light is available an experienced photographer will also take into account the time of the day when the light is likely to be at its most appealing.

In the property photographer's kit bag you will find a combination of cameras, wide angle lenses, flash lights and studio lighting.

To get the most out of your property photographer I would suggest a meeting at the property beforehand. By meeting in advance you can draw up a plan of exactly what you would like photographed. The photographer will then be able to explain any difficulties that may lie ahead. This allows you to identify any problems early and ensure they are resolved in time for the shoot. This also gives the photographer a chance to make suggestions as to how the rooms could be enhanced. Small enhancements can lead to the most captivating images, showing the property in its best light. For example this could mean the rearrangement of furniture or the addition of one or two props such as cushions or fresh flowers.

In addition to selling properties there are other uses for property photographers. Many photographs of interiors are used for selling household products, new kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. If you run a hotel or even a holiday village then stunning photographs of your rooms and apartments are likely to make all the difference when attracting additional visitors. If you run a magazine you may find you can improve circulation with the inclusion of some eye-catching property photography.

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Property Photographers