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School prom photography is a real growth area for photographers. Over the last 10 or so years school proms have gained more and more in popularity. As the prom nights have developed the need for photographers to cover these fun nights has grown rapidly too.

Each year something like 5,000 prom committees spring up around the U.K. tasked with the job of organising the big night. One of the biggest problems for anyone looking for a school prom photographer is that the prom season falls within a few short weeks. The best and most experienced photographers have a tendency to get booked up early.

As with other types of photography, photographers often specialise in the school prom market. There are some companies that employ photographers across the country, while other photographers will only concentrate on their own local market.

A good photographer becomes part of the night's entertainment. If they have an affinity with the people attending your event it can add to everyone's enjoyment on the night. They also need to be good at being able to organise a group of teenagers. This helps to keep a steady flow of people having their photographs taken. Long queues need to be avoided as it will mean people are missing out on fun. This is one of the reasons why it is a big plus point if a photographer has previous experience of school prom nights.

If you are looking for a photographer for your school prom then here are a few pointers to look out for:

1. Do they have experience of having photographed school proms in the past?
2. Does the photographer appear to have a fun personality that is likely to add to your prom night?
3. Do they offer onsite printing for instant prints on the night?
4. Can they display photos from your event on their website to make it easy for people to order photos after the event?

As well as the standard posed shots an experienced photographer will also take photos of prom goers as they arrive. This can help to create a series of natural looking shots. Sometimes a prom photographer will also mingle with the party as it unfolds to produce some action shots. For this to happen the photographer will usually need to bring an assistant along with them.

In addition to selecting a photographer for your big night there are plenty of other arrangements to be made for your prom night. For advice and help in other areas try checking out

Some photographers are likely to ask for a deposit for attending. This means their time will not be wasted if few people decide to buy photographs. For group shots photographers may also insist on a set number of people buying the photograph before it is taken. This is because if a photograph takes time to set up the group and then one person buys the resulting photograph it does not make it worth setting up the group and taking the photograph. Prices charged will vary from photographer to photographer. It pays to look around, but remember a low price can mean low quality. Therefore you need to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the photographer before you decide to hire.

If you hire from a nationwide company or any company that employs a number of photographers make sure you know the photographer who is going to attend on the night. Satisfy yourself that his or her work is up to the standard you require.

By hiring the right school prom photographer everyone attending should go home with a photograph that captures the essence of a great night.

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