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One of the first things to consider when you are looking for your wedding photographer is exactly what you are looking for in terms of the quality of your photographs. Would you like a simple, no frills record of your day or would like something extra special. This would include a selection of beautiful photographs presented in a stunning wedding album. Obviously there are steps in between these two extremes.

Before making your choice of wedding photographer it is best to meet at least three potential photographers. It is important to be able to compare work and prices to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Ensure you meet the photographer and not a salesman. This is because it is also important you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer. Selecting a photographer you feel can help make your day go with a swing can have a great impact on your entire day.

I also feel that selecting your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make when arranging your wedding. This is because it is your wedding photographs that will provide a record of your special day years and years after it has finished. The dress is worn once, the food and cake eaten and the music is finished with at the end of the wedding, but the photography lasts for ever.

There are three different styles of wedding photography you are likely to encounter. The first is the more traditional formal wedding photography. This is where time is given over for a number of formal poses. The next is where there are no formal poses at all and the photographer mixes as unobtrusively as possible and takes a series of natural photographs of people enjoying the day. The third is a mixture of the first two styles. Be aware that even some of the most natural shots you see are often set up and posed by the photographer. The time on the day given over to having your photographs taken is another key decision you will need to make at an early stage when arranging the day.

Often people are surprised by the cost of wedding photography. In the same way they are often very surprised when they find out just how many hours it can take to photograph a wedding. To start with there is a planning process. Next comes the wedding itself. In the majority of cases the majority of work comes after the wedding. This phase revolves around processing the photographs to make sure they look the very best they possibly can and the design and build of the wedding album. If you take into account meetings before the wedding, the time involved can tot up to 40 hours or more. This is before you take into account the cost of equipment and materials.

More and more people are choosing not to have a wedding album. They prefer to receive a copy of the photos on CD and put together their own album at a later date. Personally I feel this may be a missed opportunity. I have seen plenty of wedding photographs before they are placed in an album and then how they looking once the album has been produced. The difference can be staggering. I am not suggesting that you spend money that you cannot afford or even money that you think would be better spent elsewhere, but I would consider viewing some of the latest albums before making your mind up.

The modern wedding photographer will take a great number of photographs on the day. If this is used as a key selling point you also need to make sure there will be sufficient quality mixed in with the quantity. When selecting your photographer it is also a good idea to ask to see a complete and recent wedding album. This will tell you more about the quality of the photographer than a "Greatest Hits" portfolio that could have been accumulated over a number of years. It can also be an advantage if the photographer has photographed a wedding at your chosen venue before. This is not a necessity and you will find most photographers will visit the venue when possible before the big day.

If you are on a tight budget it does not mean you need to settle for poor wedding photography. Many photographers offer a reduced service. This could mean that you end up with a smaller amount of photographs for example, but in my view it is better to have a small amount of great photographs then a deluge of poor quality shots. Once they have been taken you cannot go back and do it again! If you are looking to save a pound or two you can also consider midweek weddings or a wedding out of the main mid summer season. One final point: ensure you know exactly what is included in the price. If it does not clearly state it check if VAT is included, if there are any travel expenses or any other hidden extras.

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